UFC veteran David Louiseau knocks opponent out three times in just 15 seconds

It seems that everyone is talking about MMA fights being allowed to continue for far too long, lately. There was Junior Dos Santos’ memory-erasing drubbing at the hands of Cain Velasquez at UFC 166 and then there was Jessica Andrade’s brutal, extended beating of Rosi Sexton last week.

While we’re on the subject – here’s a video of UFC veteran David Loiseau being allowed to knock out his opponent from a fight this past weekend not once, not twice but three separate apparent times in just fifteen seconds by an overwhelmed referee. Loiseau last fought an lost in the UFC back in 2010 but has rattled off four straight wins since that time.

His most recent came last Friday against Mike Kent at the Extreme Cage Combat 18 card in Canada. A left hook from “The Crow” just seconds into the bout put Kent out and flat on his back for the first time.

Instead of rushing in to stop the contest, however, the referee watched on as Loiseau followed up with strikes on the ground. His head hitting the ground opened Kent’s eyes back up.

A right punch to the head moments later appeared to knock Kent out for the second time, however. Unbelievably, the referee missed that as well and didn’t step in until Loiseau’s punches had woken up Kent and put him back to sleep for a third time a few seconds later.

Refereeing is an very difficult job and most will never have the combat understanding, vision and reaction time to do it well. Those that can’t really should be trained more before fighters’ lives are placed in their hands or should not do it at all.

In the Dos Santos and Sexton fights, we worried about refs, corners and doctors allowing game fighters to take damage for too long while not mounting their own effective offense. In Loiseau and Kent’s bout, the decision to stop the fight should have been much easier because Kent was out cold. The referee clearly had difficulty recognizing when Kent was unconscious on two separate occasions, before finally picking up on it when it happened for a third time.

Congratulations to Loiseau, who simply followed the rules and kept fighting until the ref stepped in. We wish Kent a speedy and as close to full recovery as he can have.

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Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/ufc-veteran-david-louiseau-knocks-opponent-three-times-190506989–mma.html
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