Chuck Liddell vs. military body armor (video)

Retired UFC legend Chuck Liddell found himself in the audience of some military personal recently. For some reason, the incomprehensible phenomenon of fans wanting fighters to hurt them for photos/videos occurred once more. We’ve seen this before, specifically with Liddell.

There’s a certain type of fan that evidently gets a *ahem* kick out of asking professional fighters to punch them, kick them and choke them. To them, it’s funny, we guess. To us, it would just be downright scary.

At least the latest fan turned punching bag had the quasi legitimate confidence boost of wearing body armor when he asked Liddell to kick him in the torso. It didn’t seem to do the soldier much good when Liddell hit him with a spinning back kick.

Chuck Liddell kick – 1, military body armor – 0. Check out the video above from the UFC’s television host Megan Olivi and see for yourself. Any psychologists out there, feel free to try and explain to Cagewriter the thinking behind asking pro fighters to hit you, uncontested. We’re stumped.

After the jump, our all time favorite fighter hitting fan videos – both featuring Alistair Overeem. Whereas Liddell specializes in obliging drunk fans and idiot radio show hosts, Overeem specializes in kicking little girls and punching female reporters. Really.

Alistair Overeem kicks little girl:

Alistair Overeem gut punches female reporter:

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